Christopher Thompson – Owner/Coach

Christopher is currently a practicing CRNA and owner of Mahoning Valley Anesthesia, and is a 2004 graduate of the St. Elizabeth School for Nurse Anesthetists (certificate to practice Anesthesia). Christopher is also a graduate of Youngstown State University, holding both a BSN and MSN from the university.

With a life-long dedication to sports and fitness, Christopher believes that in fitness, business and life, if you apply hard work, dedication and perseverance, one can achieve anything.

CF-L1 Trainer



Kirsten Thompson – Owner/Coach

Kirsten is currently a practicing CRNA and owner of Dormire Anesthesia, and is a 2005 graduate of the St. Elizabeth School for Nurse Anesthetists (certificate to practice Anesthesia). Kirsten is also a graduate of Youngstown State University, holding an MSN and Penn State University, holding a BSN.

Currently a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and Fit Body competitor, Kirsten believes that clean eating and proper nutrition plays as much of a role in success in fitness, as the time put in at the gym.

CF-L1 Trainer

Specializes in: Fit Body, CrossFit and Nutrition



David Griswold – Dry Needling

David Griswold is a Licensed Physical Therapist and works as an Assistant Professor at Youngstown State University (YSU) in the Department of Physical Therapy. David has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from YSU and holds multiple certifications in Orthopedic Manual Therapy. David teaches Dry Needling courses around the country to other health care professionals and has been using Dry Needling to treat various musculoskeletal conditions. David also uses Dry Needling as a therapeutic tool for injury prevention and athletic performance. Additionally, he evaluates human movement in order to identify movement deficiencies and prescribes corrective exercises to allow for more efficient performance. These treatments are aimed at are restoring movement and stability, which is often a problem for Crossfit athletes.



Ericka Williams

Ericka Williams – Coach


Ericka Williams is a Registered Dental Hygienist who has been in practice for the past 15 years, graduating from YSU in 2002. She returned to YSU shortly after to graduate in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science in Allied Health. Ericka is currently a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and holds many other fitness certifications. These certifications include ACSM Group Certified Exercise Instructor, SilverSneakers certified in Classic and Yoga, and MAD DOGG Spinning Instructor.

She and her husband Jamie Williams, have been married since August 2000. They have two children, Addison and Sawyer. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and baking healthy foods and has a passion for animals. She believes fitness is not only what you do in the gym but also what you do outside the gym. Consistency, dedication and proper nutrition are the keys to reaching your goals.

CF-L1 Trainer


Kristin Banks

Kristin Banks –¬†Coach

Kristin has her bachelors in early Childhood Education from Youngstown State University and is currently a nanny. In addition to working toward her masters in physical education from Kent State University, she is also a CrossFit Level 1 coach.

Kristin is currently engaged to her fiance Patrick and will be married in June. They have two dogs; Kiki and Mickey, and her favorite activity is going on walks through Mill Creek Park as a family. Kristin enjoys spending time with her family at Lake Erie, being active in many different ways, and eating tacos. With so much experience with children, as well as her own weight loss story she is dedicated to help improve the quality of life in adults and children.

CF-L1 Trainer



Jack Trickett

Jack Trickett –¬†Coach


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