The CrossFit 6817 family is dedicated to the clients we serve. We are a community of dedicated, goal oriented and mentally focused individuals who take pride in assisting people evolve into their “athletic self”. Whether you seek weight control, enhanced endurance, a stronger physique, competition or just want to get a great workout, we can meet your goals. Stop by to meet our team and take part in a fun method of getting fit. We will place you on track to a healthy lifestyle that will deliver vitality and longevity.

-The CrossFit 6817 Family


Mon4:15, 5:15pm, & 6pm
Tue4:15, 5:15pm, & 6pm
Wed4:15, 5:15pm, & 6pm
Thur4:15, 5:15pm, & 6pm
Fri4:15 & 5:15pm